Our Culture

Where community conquers.

Kwinshi is a Kirundi word meaning ‘many ways’. It’s used to emphasize, to show abundance, or to describe something that becomes greater in accumulation.

This is exactly the purpose of Kwinshi in our communities. Individually, we can all do something great. But together, we have greatness in abundance.

At Kwinshi, we believe in:

… Thriving, exciting communities

If we didn’t have our neighbours and the diversity of our community, we wouldn’t have all the opportunities to serve and be served that we do. We believe you should grow and thrive where you’re planted, so the door to the marketplace and your neighbourhood should always be open for business.

… Technology for good

Instead of our devices distracting us from the real world, we’re using technology to make it better, empowering our neighbors and local businesses to unlock their ultimate super power: being human - compassionate, imperfect, respectful, kind humans.

… The power of connection

Commerce doesn’t have to mean ferocious competition and power grabs. Commerce is buying and selling, but it’s also socializing, communicating, and connecting. We believe in cultivating an environment of support and encouragement - where businesses build each other up. Commerce is a form of community too.

If you believe these things as well, Kwinshi might just be the platform you’ve been waiting for.

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