How it Works

(it's easy we promise.)

1. Sign up

Use desktop or mobile to sign up in minutes.

2. Cruise Through the Community

Immediate access to the heart of your community. Start browsing and meet the locals!

3. Have a Conversation

Contact businesses directly and have a real conversation.

4. Connect and Enjoy

Respectful, kind, and productive. That's the Kwinshi Culture!

5. Reviews and Referrals

Celebrate the experience with two-way reviews for verified jobs.

Do you have a services business already?

Find out how kwinshi can bring the community to you.

Immediately be part of a community.

Signing up brings you directly to your community dashboard - the heart of Kwinshi. Use your Facebook login to see or invite your friends on Kwinshi too. See if a new hairdresser, dog walker, or tree lopper has arrived in your area. Know the top-rated services right on your dashboard. Even cheer on your friends who are ticking their projects off and getting it done!

Everything in the app.

Use the app to easily browse people in your area and search the information that matters to you - price, years of service, great reviews, galleries - then click and send your requests right in the app. No more copying and pasting, flipping between screens, losing search results, spam mails, and unknown numbers! Just direct, honest contact, in one great app.

In a hurry? Get a response in minutes!

Kwinshi Emergency Jobs

Kwinshi services are already thinking of you, especially in your time of need. When you desperately need a last-minute babysitter or busted pipes in the middle of the night, with a swipe, you’ve sent out the Kwinshi signal to business who are prepared to help you in an instant. For jobs done fast, you can count on Kwinshi.

The power balance, restored.

We want you to all be connected, so Kwinshi doesn’t block or withhold information. Clear and open profiles mean you get to know the person before you do business with them. Everyone is accessible and accountable. Customer and business can review each other after a verified project, and everyone goes by a code of respect, kindness, and support.

Why use anything else?

Use the app to inquire, request a quote, set your appointment, and even pay on the app. Kwinshi is organized and intuitive, so responses are faster, communication is clearer, the experience is better. Of course, people are happier, so positive reviews and referrals are easy to find on Kwinshi.

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